Our Client

A leading national insurance provider approached InStadium with the goal of comparing the effectiveness of an in-venue media campaign versus television advertising.

Our Solution

To measure awareness in our client's brand among live sports attendees against that of a television audience, InStadium created a small in-venue test flight. Leveraging our live sports fan engagement platform—a booming audio announcement, larger-than-life video featuring brand creative, and in-game LED and surround sound—InStadium confirmed for our client the power of an incisive message and dynamic media assets delivered as part of the fan experience.

On-site postgame research found greater consideration intent among a live sports audience when compared to a control group of television viewers. InStadium's mixed-media assets had a dramatic effect on recall and impact, outpacing all other on-site advertisements by a wide margin. And because an overwhelming percentage of postgame survey respondents on site rated as “super influentials” in the insurance category, our client's message was not only amplified by the live fan experience but also more accurately targeted to its intended audience.

InStadium Program

:30 Jumbotron video advertisement

:40 synchronized, in-bowl LED and surround sound

Select on-site brand mascot appearances

Our Results

Venue promotions: Two NCAA football games

Consumer interest in brand: 66 percent higher than television advertising

Purchase intent: 34 percent higher, after one on-site exposure, than television advertising