Our Client

A top financial services provider engaged InStadium to assist in the activation of its National Hockey League sponsorship and, specifically, the promotion of its NHL-branded credit card.

Our Solution

With a product tailored to appeal to NHL fans and commissioned by the league to support its brand, our client looked to InStadium for a partner who could connect with millions of hard-to-reach hockey consumers in their ideal environment: NHL arenas.

Recognizing the value in direct-marketing to NHL customers in their element, our client tabbed InStadium to ensure that its campaign produced maximum impact. Our powerful live sports fan engagement platform included a show-stopping audio call to action, a can't-miss Jumbotron advertisement and supportive in-game LED and surround sound at every game, in every arena. InStadium customized a flight to maximize exposure and efficiently target our client's desired audience, delivering nearly twice the contracted impressions among adults 18 and over, as well as a brand presence that was voted most unique and impactful—three times greater than the nearest competitor's—in postgame surveys.

InStadium Program

:10 public address announcement

:30 Jumbotron video advertisement

:40 synchronized, in-bowl LED and surround sound

Video board activations deliver engagement
Video board activations deliver engagement

Our Results

Venue promotions: 235 games among nine NHL teams

Adult impressions (18-and-over): 10.9 million

Planned usage and consideration: 62 percent increase from pre- to postgame

More: Massive gains in sponsorship awareness, as well as conclusive message resonance and brand impact

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