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Telecom: Media Plan Extension

Telecom: Media Plan Extension

Our Client

A leading telecommunications provider sought support from InStadium to create brand awareness of its new “Rollover Data” campaign messaging.

Our Solution

InStadium's live sports fan engagement platform provided our client with the dynamic media assets and network of NBA, NHL and NCAA basketball venues to connect with millions of adrenaline-fueled fans across the country, amplifying its campaign among a coveted consumer group.

Prompted by a can't-miss loudspeaker call to action, fans were directed to a towering Jumbotron screen featuring our client's brand creative, which was further supported by in-game bowl LED and surround sound. Leveraging InStadium's multiple asset positions at each venue, our client was empowered to connect its brand with its best customers—high-quality, on-site sports fans caught up in an immersive, unforgettable moment.

InStadium Program

:10 public address announcement

:30 Jumbotron video advertisement

:40 synchronized, in-bowl LED and surround sound

Be seen and heard in the live environment

Our Results

Venue promotions: 341 games across 124 NBA, NHL and NCAA basketball teams

Event attendees: 2.4 million-plus

Adult impressions (18-and-over): 4.4 million

Live sports help immerse fans with brand messages
Live sports brand activations