Our Client

A top luxury automobile brand enlisted InStadium to assist in Q4 2016 mobile targeted advertising to build awareness of and interest in sales events among key, multi-cultural demographics.  

Our Solution

InStadium used geo-fencing and geo-farming to serve in-game patrons and lookalikes mobile ads promoting the brand and their sales events.

Our mobile ad serving platform targeted DMAs over-indexing in their target, multi-cultural demographic.  Stadiums in target DMAs were geo-fenced, enabling the capture of fans’ mobile device IDs and subsequent serving of mobile ads on game day and in the weeks following.  The performance of each DMA was tracked and compared to ensure efficient optimization.  Additionally, different ad sizes were tested throughout the campaign and monitored for optimization opportunities.  A total of 9 different DMAs were activated during the Q4 mobile ad-serving activation.

InStadium Program

Geo-fenced, targeted mobile in-game and post-game advertising

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Fan engagement via mobil activation

Our Results

Over 18 million impressions were generated in Q4 and these impressions were made on the most influential, hard-to-reach consumers, as they embarked on their pre-game to post-game journey.  These impressions resulted in a 0.44% overall click-through rate, compared to national average CTR of 0.16%.  Our best performing static unit had a 1.05% CTR.