Our Client

With the goal of invigorating a valuable college football audience, an American auto industry leader partnered with InStadium to increase the reach and awareness of its BCS/College Football sponsorship.

Our Solution

InStadium's live sports fan engagement platform provided our client with the dynamic media assets and network of venues to connect with hundreds of thousands of fans in stadiums across the country, amplifying their brand among a coveted consumer group.

With InStadium's attention-grabbing audio and brilliant video engagement, our client was empowered to plug in to the fervor of fans on site. College football audiences—proven to be powerful brand “influentials”—were prompted by an arena-filling call to action, drawn in by a Jumbotron narrative featuring our client's product, then later re-engaged with in-game LED and surround sound. InStadium's postgame findings revealed positive recall results (more than twice that of the nearest truck competitor) and a significant lift in purchase intent and preference compared to TV viewers in the same market.

InStadium Program

:10 public address announcement

:30 Jumbotron video advertisement

:40 synchronized, in-bowl LED and surround sound

Our Results

Venue promotions: 68 games across 58 NCAA football teams

Adult impressions (18-and-over): 3.7 million

More: Significant ROI based on recall, awareness, favorability and purchase intent versus in-market TV audience

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Fan engagement at college football
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