Our Client

When an acclaimed film studio began planning the global promotion of its newest release, it sought something different: A presentation to more effectively target and appeal to the movie's audience. A can't-miss event to amplify the film's brand. An unforgettable moment.

Our Solution

With InStadium, the studio made a splash. Through our network of venues and services, our client connected with its ideal demographic at NBA games across the country, leaving an indelible impression on high-quality customers. As part of InStadium's custom live sports fan engagement platform, a booming announcement called down to fans, energized and in their element, directing their attention to a larger-than-life Jumbotron where a 30-second movie trailer would captivate a high-quality, targeted audience. 

A scene in which characters from the film attend an NBA game - including one who hilariously botches a halftime shooting contest - hit the mark with fans. An InStadium halfcourt-shot promotion at each venue was the perfect finishing move; a unique interactive element that was a win with the film's intended audience. For the Los Angeles Lakers activation, the film's co-star even joined the promotion on the floor, shaking hands and taking photos with contestants.

InStadium Program

:10 second PA call-to-action drawing fans’ attention to the video board

:30 second video board advertising spot

:40 seconds of synchronized, in-bowl LED and surround sound.

Halfcourt-shot on site promotion

Film co-star appearance and fan interaction

Our Results

Venue promotions: 46 games among nine NBA teams

Adult impressions (18-and-over): 1.8 million-plus

Event attendees: 768,000 

Press mentions: 13-plus. The Los Angeles Lakers activation was cited by "Hollywood Life," "PopSugar" and "Daily Mail," among other media outlets.

Box office opening: No. 2. The film opened behind only "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" at the box office, grossing $38 million during opening week, and far exceeding its $20 million U.S. projection.

Movie launch and awareness live sports
Movie launch and awareness live sports
Movie launch and awareness live sports