Our Client

A leading provider of navigation products and consumer technologies engaged InStadium with the goal of building awareness of its latest offering: a personal activity tracker.

Our Solution

InStadium was ideally suited to introduce the client's brand to its best customers—an athletics-minded, technologically savvy audience—and continue to make impressions after the initial activation. With our live sports fan engagement platform, InStadium utilized dynamic media assets to connect energized fanbases across two professional sports leagues and 31 teams to our client's product.

With attention-grabbing audio and brilliant video engagement, InStadium joined in the fervor of customers' fandom, delivering our client's brand to millions of event attendees in their moment of truth. Urged on by an arena-filling call to action, audiences in a supercharged sensory state were drawn into into a Jumbotron narrative featuring our client's product, then later re-engaged by in-game LED and surround sound.

InStadium Program

:10 public address announcement

:30 Jumbotron video advertisement

:40 synchronized, arena-bowl LED and surround sound

Our Results

Venue promotions: 452 games across 31 NBA and NHL teams

Adult impressions (18-and-over): 10.3 million-plus

Event attendees: 5.1 million

More: Double-digit gains in brand recall, preference and purchase intent

Live audience product launch
Live audience product launch
Live audience product launch
Live audience product launch